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Recommended Applications:

  • Star Hotel
  • Senior Apartment
  • Senior Ward
  • Small Meeting Room
  • Small Screen Room


Ultra Low Noise

  • The unit adopts the newly designed wide impeller with large diameter and slow speed forward multi blade impeller. The fan casing is strengthened with reinforcing tips for additional strength.
  • It adopts NSK bearings imported from Japan, ensuring small vibration and low noise in operation.
  • The unit adopts PEF heat insulating material and one-step forming process of drain pan for thermal insulation.
  • 42CN adopts new national standard GB/T19232 - 2003. The noise level of the unit is 3 ~ 5 dB lower than new GB.


Ultra High Efficiency

The unit coil adopts the newly developed double-flanging structure of lanced fin and advanced mechanical tube-expanding technique to ensure that the copper tube optimally contacts with the aluminium foil. The lanced fin provides an optimal heat transfer channel for full heat exchanging and the extra wide impeller provides an even air velocity environment for heat transfer. It makes the heat transfer more complete and thereby ensure that the cooling capacity per input power for the 2 row unit exceeds that of the same type 3 row unit at home and abroad.


Energy-Saving and Comfortable

Compared with traditional AC motor, DC brushless motor has huge advantages on efficiency, noise, energy-saving and other aspects:

  • Under the condition of same air volume and same unit, the energy-saving rate will be 35 - 40%.
  • In the actual use, the unit controller can conduct PID calculation according to the difference between indoor temperature and setting temperature, adjusting the air volume stepless. It can control temperature precisely (+/- 0.5 oC) while greatly reducing the energy consumption and noise.


Provide High Indoor Air Quality

Lengthen the return air section for the option of purifier. It shall be very useful for eliminating the contamination which including disinfection, removing smoke and organic pollutants. It could insure the high indoor air quality.


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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to save the earth and increase energy savings with digital technology that provides superior control and cost efficiency with the DC invertor compressor. Super-accurate rotation of an environmentally sustainable compressor results in power savings of up to 50%* (compared to AC Fixed Speed compressors) and quieter operation.

With the fast increasing waste stream, we aim to minimize the impact of electronic goods on the environment. Such inspiration helps us to limit the quantity of waste stream infiltrating into the final disposal by applying the recyclable plastics.

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