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If fan coil terminals are the answer to your job requirements, you can’t afford to pass over Carrier’s versatile and extensive range of fan coil units.

With Carrier’s 42 series fan coil units, you can select furred‐in or cabinet style, in capacities from 300 to 1,400 cfm. Units are ideal for installations in hotels, models, apartments and other multi‐room buildings.

Carrier room fan coil terminals provide unsurpassed year round comfort, with high cooling performance. Carrier 42CET terminal requires very little space and is easy to install. Piping, drain and wiring connections are readily accessible to save installation time and field labor expense.

Forget about expensive ductwork, forget about complex system controls, forget the aggravation and choose Carrier’s easy to install room fan coil units – in pipe systems. Opt for quiet. Carrier room fan coil units operate at exceptionally low sound levels. Generous amount of insulation absorbs operating sound and rugged, rigid construction ensures vibration free operation at all fan speeds.

Carrier room fan coil units are economical. Three speed fans deliver just the right amount of conditioned air for your comfort needs at any load. And each individual unit can be shut off when not in use. Shaded‐pole motors deliver peak operating efficiency. In choosing Carrier units, you can match your application with a wide range of custom‐designed options and accessories, including electric heat.

When you go for Carrier 42CET, the advantages to owner, installer and the room occupants are too great to ignore.

42CNProvide Quiet and Comfortable of High Quality Life for You


Recommended Applications:

  • Star Hotel
  • Senior Apartment
  • Senior Ward
  • Small Meeting Room
  • Small Screen Room


Ultra Low Noise

  • The unit adopts the newly designed wide impeller with large diameter and slow speed forward multi blade impeller. The fan casing is strengthened with reinforcing tips for additional strength.
  • It adopts NSK bearings imported from Japan, ensuring small vibration and low noise in operation.
  • The unit adopts PEF heat insulating material and one-step forming process of drain pan for thermal insulation.
  • 42CN adopts new national standard GB/T19232 - 2003. The noise level of the unit is 3 ~ 5 dB lower than new GB.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to save the earth and increase energy savings with digital technology that provides superior control and cost efficiency with the DC invertor compressor. Super-accurate rotation of an environmentally sustainable compressor results in power savings of up to 50%* (compared to AC Fixed Speed compressors) and quieter operation.

With the fast increasing waste stream, we aim to minimize the impact of electronic goods on the environment. Such inspiration helps us to limit the quantity of waste stream infiltrating into the final disposal by applying the recyclable plastics.

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