Carrier – AQUAFORCE® 30XW-VZE Water-Cooled Screw Liquid Chiller/Heat Pump With Greenspeed® Intelligence and HFO-1234ze refrigerant

Cooling capacity: 127 to 354 Tons (446 to 1,245 kW)
The 30XW-VZE/30XWHVZE water-sourced units are the premium solution for commercial and industrial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require maximum quality and optimal performances, especially at part load.

The 30XW-VZE/30XWHVZE units are designed to meet current and future requirements in terms of energy efficiency, versatility and compactness. They feature exclusive inverter-driven screw compressors – an evolution of the proven traditional Carrier twinrotor screw compressor design. Other features include:

The new SmartVuTM control
Mechanically cleanable flooded heat exchangers
Refrigerant R-1234ze or R-515B

The 30XW-VZE/30XWHVZE range is splitted into two versions:

30XW-VZE for air conditioning applications
30XWHVZE for heating applications

As standard, the unit can provide an evaporator leaving water temperature down to 3.3°C, and when operating as a heat pump, it can deliver up to 55°C on the condenser side.



Light Commercial
VRF System